It all began with a simple discipline “Composition” but it flourished and it is growing in order to become something greater and unspeakable.

Below you can see some samples of my Compositions work:

No Man is an Island

This is the first string quartet I have ever composed with such a deep thought and hard work on it. It was actually my last work for my Practical composition module (first year) at Royal Holloway University of London, where I had the privilege to get an 80 (first) on this precise piece.

Philosophy and the idea that every man’s identity is influenced by the external world were my main inspirations. More specifically, I try to depict the movement of the world in a city where everything seems disorganized and chaotic, but in the end all this constant existence of movement fits in precise puzzles and places.

No Man is an Island (pdf)

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The Chaos of Lost Fragments

This composition is written for Clarinet in B flat and piano (both only played by one performer). The piece is mainly inspired by the concept of chaos and by the feeling of loss. Therefore, there is no intention to have a continuous musical evolution with melodic, harmonic and instrumental hierarchy. Therefore, the main goal is to portray the negative feeling of loss and its result- feeling fragmented.

Additionally, its musical language is essentially spiritual and immaterial. In other words, its harmony and melody are significantly ambiguous in terms of tonality. Consequently, in order to depict this intention there are some suggestions that the performers should follow, such as: if the performers want to use ‘rubato’ that is possible and plausible; also the piano pedal should be used fluidly and freely; the dynamics should be executed as written, and both instruments (piano and Clarinet in B flat) should emerge as ‘one’ set of colors and timbres and not as separate musical individuals.

I dedicate this piece to David Wilkie (1785-1841), friend of Joseph Mallord William and Turner (1775- 1851), a painter mainly known for his abstract paintings and particular artistic characteristics. More specifically, David Wilkie died and was buried at the sea off Gibraltar on his way back to visit the Holy Land.

The Chaos of Lost Fragments (pdf)

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The consolidation of discovering

This piece is for Flute, harp and cello. This is actually the first piece I wrote for this group of instruments. It all starts with a bitonal motive and then it develops and modulates to one harmony. The intention of this work is to explore harmonic possibilities without falling into an ‘atonal’ piece or with no similarities with tonality and its harmonic forces.

The consolidation of discovering (pdf)

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Um dia no avesso

In music, serialism is a method/technique of composition that uses a series of values to manipulate different musical elements. This type of composing began with Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique, though his contemporaries were also working to establish serialism as one example of post-tonal thinking. Other types of serialism also work with sets, collections of objects, but not necessarily with fixed-order series, and extend the technique to other musical dimensions (often called “parameters”), such as duration, dynamics, and timbre.

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Noite de Inverno

This was the first work that I had to do on my eleventh grade (last year) on my Analysis and composition module when I was studying free atonality . So this is a free atonality piece for piano especially inspired by Anton Webern and Alexander Scriabin.

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